Cofix global news

26 August 2021
Cofix the low-cost café
This Israeli cut-rate café chain started as a fierce competitor to Starbucks. Now, after maturing in their current markets, they are looking to expand once again.
10 January 2018
Today Avi Katz is the headline-grabbing multi-millionaire founder of Cofix discount cafes, but the sun wasn’t always shining on his fortunes
1 January 2018
Rami Levy investing in Cofix
The agreement between Rami Levy Chain Stores and Cofix Group signed last night will make Levy a player in inner-city supermarkets.
16 May 2016
‘Dollar’ coffee shops a positive change for Israelis
For a modern happy meal, many Israelis these days are forsaking golden arches and looking to a chain of coffee shops where mere pocket change can buy a sandwich and a hafuch (Israeli cappuccino).
25 January 2016
In ultra-Orthodox Israeli city, a new coffee chain fuels price war
reporting from BNEI BRAK,
15 June 2015
Cofix becomes first cafe chain on TASE
Avi Katz is the largest shareholder after the merger into shell company Agri Invest.
13 November 2014
Consumer Revolution Sparks ‘Five-Shekel Supermarket’ Chain
The man who introduced Israelis to the five-cent cup of coffee now is planning to open up a chain of supermarkets that will sell 600 leading food and housewares products for five shekels, which today comes out to $1.32
31 October 2013
Cofix stirs a tempest in Israel’s coffee cup
Israeli entrepreneur shakes up the café market with Cofix, a new cheap coffee-to-go chain.
8 October 2022
Why you won’t find Starbucks in Israel
JTA reporter spills the beans