At Cofix, we believe that enjoying high-quality coffee and food with exemplary service should not be a luxury.

That is why we have made it our mission to serve the best food and beverages at prices that everyone can afford.

Cofix operates over 350 stores in 6 countries


Cofix was founded in Tel Aviv as a response to the clear market demand for high-quality but fairly-priced coffee and food. Following the brand’s explosive growth in Israel, two well-known entrepreneurs, Ramy Levy and Michael Pechersky, founded Cofix Global to export our innovative quick service concept to the rest of the world.

The story of Cofix’s genesis began with an incident at a small gas station cafe in Tel Aviv. A hungry customer entered the cafe with 15 shekels (approximately $5 USD) in his pocket and yet found that this was insufficient to pay for his desired items: two cups of coffee, a pastry, and a pack of gum. Unfortunately, this kind of situation had become all too common as the prices at most eateries had steadily increased over the years.

While most customers might simply bemoan their misfortune and then carry on with the day, this was no ordinary customer. Indeed, this customer was Avi Katz - an entrepreneur with a penchant for challenging the status quo. And thus, the Cofix concept - high-quality coffee and food at a fair price - was born. To this day, the boldness, independence, and open-mindedness that are so characteristic of our founder remain the driving forces behind the brand.


To enable talented people to become entrepreneurs, delivering barista coffee, fresh food, and an exceptional guest experience – all at a fair price


We are building the COFIX brand and platform by enfranchising thousands of smart& active entrepreneurs who open stores using our COFIX Plug & Play IT / IoT Platform, starting and running their own business in a quick & easy way!


We offer high-quality, fresh coffee and food for an affordable fixed price



We believe that high quality doesn’t require a high price tag



Fixed prices and delicious product selection


Cofix story

Smart store

Plug & play / Higher store LTV / Remote control / Leasing financing / Quick expansion
Subscription franchise model

Partner b2b

Store data / Operational reports / Help & order desk / Marketing campaigns

Cofix customer b2c

Loyalty program / Click and collect / Delivery Subscription

We believe that the HoReCa industry, and particularly the coffee segment, is ripe for technological disruption. Cofix has developed an innovative digital/physical platform and infrastructure that enables talented entrepreneurs to deploy their own coffee shops quickly and efficiently.

Indeed, our state-of-the-art Cofix Flex solution enables our Partners to open new coffee shops in as little as 24 hours after securing access to the premises. Our industry-leading technologies and support ensure that our Partners can focus on what they are positioned to do best: to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Digital Tools

  • branded app with personalized content
  • cost-efficient loyalty program with gamification
  • robust and native in-app mobile ordering
  • >20 engagement mechanics & campaigns

600 000+

Total users


Daily registrations

4.87 / 5 STARS

Average rating of app on major platforms


Cofix Monthly Active Users



Expansion map

5000+ stores

14+ countries

opened countries country ready toenter new markets

investor relations

In recent years, Cofix has achieved rapid store growth while validating the concept and unit economics in a number of challenging international markets. We now operate over 350 stores in six countries and plan to reach 5,000+ stores in 14 countries within five years. To this end, the company is currently engaged in a Series A round of funding to finance technology improvements and facilitate our entry into Western Europe, China, Taiwan, and the USA. In the current round, we intend to raise $30M USD ($5M minimum ticket) in equity funding from smart investors with technology and/or HoReCa industry experience.


Cofix Flex – IoT-based, complete solution for coffee shop hardware and software integration. Cofix APP (B2C) - digital management of loyalty program platform for B2C customers. Cofix OS Ecosystem (B2B) - digital management platform enabling all core business operations including end-to-end supply chain management

An industry ripe for technological disruption


First to market – Cofix created this new disruptive market in the coffee shop industry. Market leader – by turnover and size in the markets in which we operate Growth leader - among top coffee brands in Europe according to Foodservice magazine

Leadership in affordably priced coffee segment


Robust unit economics validated in challenging market. Loyal guests: 91% of first-time COFIX guests become repeat customers. Profitable franchise: Average coffee stores sales and profit are the highest in the market

Large potential for fair-priced coffee in an overpriced retail landscape


Our international experts will contact you as soon as possible

esg aspirations


Full control and optimization of energy consumption and waist thanks to Smart Shop IOT solution 41% of menu SKUs is plant-based


Cofix democratizes barista experience coffee and quality food by offering it at a fair price

Cofix with franchise subscription model offers the opportunity to become an entrepreneur to a broad group of people previously deprived of this opportunity

Cofix sources only from audited and certified suppliers for our customers who can choose from over 41% plant-based SKUs in Cofix menu

Cofix provide employment for deaf employees



Cofix complies to International Financial Reporting Standards

Cofix complies to BDO audits

Cofix provides security to minority shareholders

Cofix runs a transparent digitalized organization matrix providing equal voting rights to company representatives